532 students committed suicide in 2022

Dailytimes24:  As many as 532 students in school, college and university levels committed suicide in 2022.

Of them, 446 were school and college students, according to a survey conducted by Aachol Foundation.

The organization which promotes mental health in Bangladesh revealed the survey report in a virtual press conference on Friday.

Some 285 female and 161 male students were among the ones of school and college levels who killed themselves, the survey found.

Aachol Foundation said most of the students mentioned above took their own lives in a huff with family members.

There were also other reasons behind the suicides that include love affairs, family conflict, frustration, depression, financial difficulty and teasing, sexual harassment and rape, it said.

In this regard, clinical psychologist Shahrina Ferous said suicide rates are high among teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16.

There is no alternative to caring for their mental health and creating awareness among them during puberty, she added.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology’s (SUST) Social Work Department Professor Tahmina Islam and Aachol Foundation’s founder and president Tansen Rose, were, among others, present at the program.

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